Our design fees are based on an hourly rate: €100/hr

Customised products, sold via webshop/retailer, have the additional design fee included in the product price.


Design fees for projects are separately specified, divided in stages and based on the same hourly rate. Average design fees for a mid-sized hospitality project are:

Mobilisation:                                     €2500
Concept 2 weeks:                             €2500
Design Development 4 weeks:       €5000
Detailed Design 4 weeks:                €5000
Total                                               €15.000

The design fees above exclude the product costs for the customised lighting features that derive from the design stages. These customised product prices depend on the type/amount of design, materials and production required and can be estimated when

the design development stage is completed. Accurate product prices for a project can only be calculated upon completion of our detailed design stage.

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